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Disclaimer Please don't use mini-redis in production. This project is intended to be a learning resource, and omits various parts of the Redis protocol because implementing them would not introduce any new concepts. We will not add new features because you need them in your project — use one of the fully featured alternatives instead.

Is there something similar to mini-redis but is intended to production use ? I am looking for something that:

  1. is pure Rust (reuired)
  2. preferably (not required) uses async io
  3. provides an in-memory data structure representation with on-disk persistence

I have been considering for a while to fork mini-redis into a fully featured redis client, because the existing options are just not great.

It's actually the server part I am more interested in. Something extensible in Rust (perhaps Rust/wasm/wasmtime) rather than Lua; something that I can add more collections / data structures to (in Rust).

Ah, no idea in that case.

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