Procedural macro on trait

I have written procedural macros of the following form:

pub struct A { ... }

pub enum B { ... }

i.e. the macro acts upon Structs/Enums, and it generates impls.

Now, I want to something a bit different, where I call the macro via:

pub trait SomeTrait { ... }

and have it auto generate the following:

pub struct A { ... };
pub struct B { ... };
impl SomeTrait for A { ... }
impl SomeTrait for B { ... }

I.e. here:

  1. we call the macro on a TRAIT (not Struct of Enum)

  2. the procedural macro generates (a) Structs and (b) impl SomeTrait for Struct ... s , i.e. implementations for the structs.


Is this do-able via procedural macros in Rust? If so, what should I be looking up?

This should be doable with an attribute macro instead of a derive one. It would then look like

pub trait YourTrait { ... }


#[yourattr(A, B)]
pub trait YourTrait { ... }

if you'd like it to take the type names as arguments.

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