compilation errors


I’m having issues with the online play env, any ideas what might be happening?
example: this does not compile


maybe related to


playground is broken this morning (timezone UTC+8), and until now(8:00 p.m.) it is not fixed yet. If you want to play rust without installing rust on your machine, you can play it on Rust official IRC channel, there’s a bot named playbot-veno, it is run on a different server, so not affected by playground.


Ok, so people are aware. Job done then, I guess :wink:
I have local Rust as well so all’s good (except that I didn’t have nightly).


I don’t know how suitable it is for your platform, but multirust is your friend if you want a quick and easy way to switch between Rust versions.


I’ve created a github issue, yesterday.


I also saw that linking problem. Didn’t know if it really deserved an issue on Github because it was so obvious, also didn’t know if to report it here, so I left it in the air… :blush: