Permission denied (os error 13) when cargo build

After i install rust and cargo using brew install rustup rustup-init , and try to build a new project, An error threw:

And if i use sudo cargo build , it fix.
But at some situation i have to use just cargo build , how can i solve the problem?

OS: mac OS Monterey 12.0.1 Apple M1
Output of cargo version : cargo 1.58.0 (f01b232bc 2022-01-19)

It fails because you must have used sudo cargo build first, which made the lock file belong to the root user. What you need to do is to copy your code somewhere else (which I think is just one file), sudo rm -r HelloWorld, then make a new project, copy back the code, and never again use sudo for any cargo command.

Thank you very much. I think I would still be in trouble without your help

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