Parsing with slice patterns

So I was on day 2 of the Advent of Code and had to parse some strings to get a series of tuples and group them together. At one point I had a very basic tokenizer and I wanted to parse the tokens in a match expression. After some messing around I ended up using slice patterns and thought it look alot like EBNF.

So I spend the next day messing around with pattern rules and decided to move it into a library:

You can see how I used it to solve the puzzle for day 2 in the parse_tokens function on line 56:

I doubt I'll touch it for a while but my wishlist would be:

  • Custom keywords instead of having them defined in the library
  • More generic tokens. Possibly just having them defind by a regex pattern, but I wanted to see how much I can do with just the standard library
  • Cleaner error handling. I'd rather the closure for matching tokens not be a Option nested in a Result but that might just be necessary given how I defined the closure

I mainly just wanted to share it since its the most complete project I've written in Rust!
I'm also curious if anyone's used match expressions in this way?

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