OpenCL for Rust

Could use a bit of feedback on this OpenCL library I've recently pulled out from another project into it's own crate. Obviously documentation is still pretty scant but it'd be nice to know if the directions I've given in the Readme are anywhere near sufficient. Check out the repo and fire it up!


Looking at the code

and comparing to rust-opencl

Did you just copied this from rust-opencl?

Why don't fork it instead.

Also your license is GPL which may not be attractive to other opensource developers.

Just my 2 cents.

When I first created this library (a year or so ago) I copy pasted the standard c header file (link) and converted things to Rust from there. I'm sure that's exactly what the other author did as well.

I've been meaning to change licenses to MIT. Thanks for prodding me.

Appreciate your great feedback.

Edit: Just to clarify, this is not a fork of any other project. Resemblance of that header file is to be expected.