Open source project with heavy use of async/await

Hi All!

I want to study Rust's async/await concept more deeply. I've seen some synthetic examples already and now I'm looking for a nice open-source project that could help me see how this approach is used to solve real-world problems.

Can you advice some?

You might get some inspiration from a list of crates depending on tokio or async_std.

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The mini-redis project was written to help teach use of tokio, which is the most widely used async runtime, so I imagine it would work well for learning practical async in general as well. Strictly speaking it's not solving a real-world problem since it's incomplete and written purely for teaching purposes, but you may find it useful regardless.


That's a really nice way of looking into it, should be easy to find something in my area of interests. Thank you!

I looked a bit through the code of this project. There are definitely some places which are interesting to me. Thanks!

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Here is an async program I have been working on for some time:

It uses tokio, several kinds of channels, a mixture of sync and async tasks.

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