[newbie] IDE based visual debugging


hi, I have checked out both the RUST and Eclipse IDEs but it seems that in either case its not possible to actually view / inspect variables within the debugger. Am I missing something or are the IDEs not just there yet ?



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It is possible with RustDT, however the value you actually see for a variable might be an internal representation that is actually not very meaningful for the user. It depends on the type of the variable. Basic types such as integers, floats, booleans, work fine. Structs should have a reasonable display too. For more complex types, you can try to use the Rust pretty printers. They enable a better display of “enums, slices, and vectors” in the debugger. However, the pretty printers support has some bugs and limitations too, so its usage in practice might not be worthwhile in the end.

More info for RustDT debugging here: https://github.com/RustDT/RustDT/blob/latest/documentation/UserGuide.md#gdb-pretty-printers