Need unstable features but can't use latest nightly

So I’ve run into a problem where I have one dependency that uses unstable features, and so requires nightly - but I have another dependency (glium) which is segfaulting on current nightly, but not on current stable.

What’s the best way of dealing with this that doesn’t require me to wait for nightly/glium to be fixed? Is there a way of using a specific nightly version that corresponds to current stable?

Or is there a way to compile my nightly-only dependency separately and then link it to the rest of the project compiled in stable rust?

rustup can install nightlies by date, like rustup install nightly-2018-04-01.

Finding the date that corresponds to stable is harder, but it’s roughly 6 weeks prior to that stable’s release date. (Beta branches from nightly at the same time as each release, to become the next release in 6 weeks.)

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