Ndarray 0.15 released


ndarray 0.15 is finally released.

The following are some highlights, see the release note for the whole story.

  • Support for inserting new axes while slicing
  • no-std (with alloc) support
  • two-sided broadcasting for arithmetic operations on arrays
  • .cell_view() for interior mutability array views of regular arrays
  • Improved Array::uninit constructor and other features for dealing with uninitialized data using MaybeUninit.
  • .std() and .var() methods
  • Lots of methods got easier to understand names. Zip now has a for_each and every array now has .rows() and .columns() for row/column producers/iterables.

Thanks to jturner314, SparrowLii, xd009642, dam5h, insideoutclub, kdubovikov and bluss who contributed the changes for this release.


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