Mocking SerialPort for unit testing

Hi all, I'm learning Rust at this moment and I'm struggling trying to mock the SerialPort trait using serialport and mockall crates:

For example I want to mock the read method:

fn create_mock_port(expected_bytes: Vec<u8>) -> Box<MockSerialPort> {
    let mut mock_port = Box::new(MockSerialPort::new());
        .returning(move |buf| {

And use the mock_port variable for the struct under test:

pub struct SerialPortConnector {
    port: SerialPort,
    endpoint: SerialPortEndpoint, 

What is the best approach to obtain my purpose?

Don't mock anything. Make your data processing code agnostic to whether it reads from a SerialPort or a ParallelPort or a UnixPipe or anything else. Reading and writing data should be generic over io::{Read, Write} types. Then you test your functions using simple byte slices or io::Cursor.


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