Min Software and Hardware requirements for Rust

Just looking for a list of minimum Hardware and Software requirements for installing and Working with RUST. I learned RUST programs can be used for Consol, WebAssembly, Networking and Embedded areas. Does anyone know of the min h/w and s/w requirements for RUST programming for all the four areas above

Just want to have an idea about the dependencies h/w and s/w wise


I have no idea on the absolute minimum requirements but I have been building Rust programs on an 7 year old PC with 8GB RAM a 128GB SSD running Debian.

I have also built Rust programs on a Raspberry Pi 3B that only has 1GB RAM. That mostly works but I suspect memory is running out when I build with Cargo sometimes. It can fail with a seg fault.

As for actually running the compiled Rust code on some small system, my observation is that it can produce code as small as C or C++ without the standard library.

Thanks ZiCog.. Have you happen to note any specific s/w dependencies with Node or anything.. Just checking..

Usually documentation will have these details but I didn't see any yet... So checked here..

I don't have any exact information, but things you might want to look in:

  • rust compilation is slow, so if you have little cpu power, it will take a long time!
  • rust compilation generates GB's worth of artifacts, so if you have little diskspace that might be a problem
  • rust does not depend on Node if that's what you're asking in your last post

Node? Nah, no Node, no Python, no Perl, none of that nonsense.

Rust compilation can certainly be slow, but once you get going it only recompiles what you change so not so bad. I would suggest that you cross-compile for the Raspberry Pi and the like when things get a bit big.

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Thanks for that info ZiCog

Thanks for the info najamelan

Do you mean requirements for running the Rust compiler, or for running Rust-compiled code?

As Rust has native support for cross-compilation, these are different. Compiling at comfortable speed takes quite a bit of CPU and RAM and disk space (but not more so than C++ compilation), whereas the target can be something like thumbv7m-none-eabi which targets very low-end micro-controllers.

Neither the compiler nor compiled binaries have any software dependencies (besides the C library if std is used).

Thanks medusacle for the info