Making Rust more popular thanks to Cloud Functions/Lambdas

Hi, I wanted to share my opinion about the popularity of Rust. Compared to other languages Rust remains a niche despite its qualities. I think this can change if big Cloud providers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft officially support Rust as a language for developing Cloud Functions (also called "AWS Lambda" for Amazon). Their target is to support the most used languages (like JavaScript, Python and Java), but I sincerely believe that they can skyrocket the popularity of Rust if they give us the opportunity to us it. Do you think there could be a way to make them officially support Rust? Is there a way for the community to contribute for it?


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Not sure about the other clouds, but the AWS Lambda officially supports the Rust since long ago.

You can also deploy on azure in a function app and select a Custom Handler runtime.

Quickstart: Create a Go or Rust function in Azure using Visual Studio Code

You can use Rust serverless on GCP with Cloud Run. They don't have an SDK, but there are autogenerated community libraries.

GCP = Google Cloud Platform

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