Make my computer emulate a bluetooth headset?

So it is common to want to connect a Bluetooth headset to your computer, and I think the libraries are a-plenty for doing this, it seems. But I want the reverse...

I want my computer to broadcast my audio interface as a Bluetooth headset so that I can use it for making calls on my mobile phone.

Surprisingly, my google-fu yields nothing. Looked for binaries, looked for Linux related stuff, even searched python libs to see if I could build it in Python (I did find something inside the Linux kernel source code: test-hfp « test - bluez.git - Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux but it won't run.

I don't want to become a Bluetooth master, although if the resource is good enough, I don't mind putting in the work to understand it.

I just want to broadcast a Bluetooth headset, and be able to plug my computer's audio system (PulseAudio/Linux) into it, then connect to it from my phone.

I'm wondering if anyone can point me to resources where I could achieve this.

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