Looking for a crate idea? How about a nice CLI select box?


Rust a nice language to build CLI utilities, like the official CLI client for Sentry (blog post), and I think there is an opportunity to create a library that supports some more advanced user input features.

Please tell me if this already exits, of course!

My primary idea is a select box. The node module inquirer does some cool stuff in that regard, e.g.


I think this is a great opportunity to create a new crate. The closest thing I could find in rust (without going all the way to curses-rs) is this snippet which uses termbox-bindings. termion, a pure-rust termbox clone, might also be interesting.

More cool features such a crate could offer (which are probably already offered by other crates, though not in one package):

  • Password input
  • Multiple selects
  • Output coloring that just works™ on Windows (I’d prefer one that implements traits on String, like colored)

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@Munksgaard is working on this: