List of crates that improves or experiments with Rust, but may be hard to find

I made

It’s like mopa but on steroids.

Aaarrggghhh!!! My most hated phrase!!! :grinning:


The link to alga crate has lead me to the ScratchPad II ( ), it’s another example how in computer science lot of important ideas were invented lot of time ago. It seems to contain a perhaps better version of the Rust traits… :-/

agree. i propose, instead of “on steroids”: “gone to Hollywood” . as in

“It’s like mopa but gone to hollywood”

Yep, that is much more meaningful, but, I think you’re looking for, “Gone Hollywood”. Yep, definitely more meaningful than “on steroids”. In the words of Borat, “NOT”! :slight_smile:

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@boblannon, @gbutler69, Discussion about the choice of phrase is offtopic here.

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No. I feel I should have.

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cargo-edit is my most used Cargo plugin and IMO should be upstreamed into Cargo itself.


Evmap - A lock-free, eventually consistent, concurrent multi-value map.

I use evmap for app_data in actix.