Link errors translated

I installed RUST and the Development Studio. Verified the version and compiled "Hello World"
and got the Link error 1136. What does this mean and were are the error codes translated.
Any help appreciated. Bill

You could probably post a more precise error message. If you haven’t already, try to use cargo run from the terminal and see what output you get. (Navigate to a directory where you have set up a cargo project, or create a new one with cargo new name_of_the_project and navigate into the created directory, then cargo run should run a hello world example from there.)

You could also provide more information about what procedure you followed to install Rust, and what you mean by “Development Studio”.

Assuming this is Windows, any you’re having problems involving link.exe, double-check that you have installed the MSVC prerequisites correctly. I haven’t installed Rust on Windows myself before a few years ago, but this page should provide sufficient description as to how you could try installing the MSVC prerequisites again.

Google search on error “1136” did not bring up much for me, but this result (translation [1]), if it corresponds to the error you’re getting, suggests too old a MSVC dependency might be installed. (I’m not familiar enough with MSVC to know whether the approach the author of that post followed of first uninstalling the older version is necessary or if you can simply install the right version, too, and make it work that way.)

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Thank you for your quick response. Here is the error message.
I believe everything was installed correctly.


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