link not opening

why is this not opening? we can search for cranefack in and it shows up, yet clicking it does not work. why?

Looks like corruption.


Sorry, something went wrong!

bad cache: Simple cache db @file:/var/lib/crates-server/cratesiometadb.bin?cache=shared: database disk image is malformed

    bad cache: Simple cache db @file:/var/lib/crates-server/cratesiometadb.bin?cache=shared: database disk image is malformed

Try refreshing the page.
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Yup. I've disabled fsync in sqlite foolishly hoping it'd make it faster, and that's the consequence.
I've restored a backup and it should be fine now.


As an aside, I find it awesome that you apparently also have the courage for using SQLite as a serious database for a webservice. I almost thought I was alone being annoyed with having to set up a DB server even when the scale doesn't warrant it, but I was told so many times by so many programmers that "SQLite simply won't cut it" as a "real" backend DB.

It's even funnier than that. I store most of data in a HashMap serialized with serde on disk. To change something I read gigabytes of data into memory, make the changes, and write all the gigabytes back to disk. With SSD speeds in GB/s even the worst way of doing things is fast.

All of the stats are also pure Rust for loops going over all the data, not SQL queries.


That reminds me of tailscale which did exactly the same before having to migrate to sqlite etcd due to performance reasons. See An unlikely database migration · Tailscale

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