[kind of rant] async is overwhelming

I'm (still) trying to add async support to oxide-auth and with the help of the maintainer, I managed to have a branch that compiles, after 2 weeks of work.

Then I'm trying to use this branch in my project but how to not feel despair when facing this kind of errors (I have 5 or 6 of these):

This was one of the thing I hate on C++ (mega extra long wall of error messages) and it seems we're being hit by it as well :frowning: Maybe for a good reason, but it is discouraging that after so much work on the library side, trying to use it throw a wall at your face.

Not really usefull post here, just need a shoulder to cry on ^^'


This is definitely one of the error messages that could use work.


Especially a better location. In my example, it's on the "root" of the async call tree, so I have to read the whole code looking for where the type is used.

It is also non-obvious if you're doing it wrong with this specific error, because the error is that an immutable reference to some type is stored across an .await. The type itself is ok to store, but not the immutable reference.

you lost me ^^'

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