Is there any functional library to run a Neural Network

I have a few Neural Network models trained in Python with tensorflow or torch. These were subsequently used by my C++ code; typically I used frugally-deep library for that purpose. But recently we've been moving to rust.

So Ibrowsed the and I found a bunch of projects. None of them ready-to-use, most of them are most likely abandoned. Could you recommend something?

What I need is only the ability to compute "forward-pass" of the network (i.e. a classification or a prediction). Ability to train a new network is not required. As such, I'm not looking for a tensorflow replacement. A perfect library for me would be a small, easy to use library that reads JSON / hd5 files produced by torch.

At first I had an idea to implement, what I need. I don't have enough time to do that, so maybe I could join an existing project.

Something like this?

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Did you look at tch-rs?

I've tried this. Unfortunately it doesn't compile on my M1 mac. Therefore I seek native rust solution.

This is by far the nicest to use Neural Network library I've tried so far:

It's very ergonomic and keep things simple if you aren't doing anything complicated.

Can you convert your models to ONNX? We've used the ort crate, which runs ONNX models, and been happy with the results.

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