Is there a guide that covers `ref` and `ref mut`?

Is there a guide that covers ref and ref mut?

I can't find them in the book.

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ref and ref mut are part of patterns

Thanks for raising this, maybe that's a common confusion. /cc @steveklabnik

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They are very confusing. Especially since they come up when I'm trying to borrow fields from nested structs.

But it was in the context of a match, was it? So "patterns" is the right place to put it, but maybe a hint in the references section, that the information can be found otherwise would be helpful.

My intuition when dealing with borrow shenanigans is to refer to the borrowing section of the book. I didn't think of pattern matching.

I would love to see examples of mutably borrowing from nested structs in the guide (maybe Option<Result<SomeStruct>>).

I have a hard time understanding what your specific problem was. Can you post a minimal example of what was failing?

I don't have a code example right now.

My main issue with ref and ref mut when applied to nested data is that I don't understand how they interact with the lifetime, ownership, and mutability of the parent data.

I'll post a better example when I get home.

While trying to come up with a code example demonstrating my confusion on how ref and ref mut work I think I got it. So, problem solved ???? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The way I understand it is that ref and ref mut are needed because in a match pattern "&" deconstructs references, so we need a way to construct references to captured variables. Did I get this right?

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Yes, that's exactly what ref and ref mut are for.
Perhaps the Appendix of the second edition should link to the chapters that cover the concepts?