Is there a crate to read *.toml files?

Is there a crate to read and write to *.toml file(s) (which is useful for configurations for the Rust programs)?

There's toml, at least.

use serde::Deserialize;

#[derive(Debug, Deserialize)]
struct Config { ... }

fn read_config() -> std::io::Result<Config> {
    let content = std::fs::read_to_string("somewhere/file.toml")?;

Currently the toml crate lacks a from_reader function which would allow to do this more cleanly.


Is there another crate that you might know which does a good job by any chance?

What's wrong with toml? It's fit my needs in the past just fine.


toml is owned by @alexcrichton, who is part of the Rust team, a moderator on this forum and it is a dependency of Cargo (master depends on v0.5.7; v0.5.8 is the most recent version), so IMHO, just use it. It's a must-trust crate and anyone who deals with dependency reviews will appreciate having to review one less crate or at least being able to lower the priority.


Yeah, using serde with the toml crate is really going to be the easiest way to directly use TOML for config files.

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