Is it possible to mutate JavaScript values with wasm?

For example, can I do something like this?


  let foo = {num: 1};
  console.log(foo) // {num: 2}

I was reading the wasm-bindgen docs, and this looked like what I wanted at first:
But my initial tests to add one failed, even if foo was just an integer. Here was my rust code for that:

    pub fn add_one(num: *mut u8) {
        unsafe {
            *num += 1;

Technically no. The only types you can get across are integers and floats.
What wasm-bindgen would do is to store the variable reference in an array, then call something like set_arg_i32(index_of_value, new_value) which would be implemented in JS.

In your case, just return the new value.

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