Is down?

I'm seeing errors when I try to go to, both from my local machine in Australia and a work environment in AWS US East. Is anyone else seeing this?


I have the same issue, in Canada

Edit: it's back for me, and gone again

Request from Russia - same error, so looks like that's not a local problem, the site is indeed down.

For me the page will load, but fails to load any crate information

It looks like is back up again. Instead of downloading the *.crate files via they added a quick hack to the registry which pulls directly from S3.

From Discord:

Due to an issue to our infrastructure provider, fully resolving the outage will take longer than expected, so we're executing our disaster recovery plan. We apologize for the disruption this is causing.

Ensuring builds with Cargo keep working is our highest priority, so we made some changes to the registry configuration to bypass the piece of infrastructure responsible for the outage. Download counts will be discarded while this configuration is in effect, and action might be needed on your part to manually fetch the latest registry configuration.

Note that downloads could be slower due to this change, but they should eventually complete.

If you're running builds in CI and do not cache the index, there's no action needed from you: new builds will download the latest index and pickup the configuration changes we made.

If you're running builds in CI and also caching the index, you need to purge those caches to be able to start builds again. Use your CI platform's tooling to accomplish that.

If you're developing on your local machine, you need Cargo to fetch the latest copy of the index. The easiest way to do so is to run this command, which will error out: "cargo install empty-library". After the command errors out, new Cargo invocations will work.

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Possibly related: anyone running into problems with ? It was loading for me earlier today, but no longer loading now. works fine over here.

Also works for me now, must have been temporary problem with my network connection.

Na, it was a global outage. You can check the incident report here.

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