Introducing - a catalogue of Rust libraries


Inspired by Ruby Toolbox and awesome-rust, is a catalogue of all Rust projects.

It is a static site (it uses Ruby for now to generate pages, sorry about that). Projects are sorted by “categories” and each category is mapped to a simple TOML file. Under the hood, a background process fetches the metadata from and GitHub to display information and also automatically sort projects based on a combination of downloads, GitHub stars, and forks.

The website doesn’t have too much content right now but I’m working on fixing that. Also, it is easy to contibute. :smile:

PS: Happy Deepavali everyone!


Just like awesome-rust, the list is debatable. Some projects are in my opinion not worth mentioning, while several good libraries are missing.

I already talked about this in other posts in this forum and on IRC, but if you tell beginners that this is a list of good Rust libraries, they had better all work, never crash and have a rusty API or you are going to give a bad first impression of Rust.


… while several good libraries are missing.

@tomaka The list is still a very much work in progress (have to add a lot of stuff, working on it).

This site isn’t meant to be a curated list of top of the line crates, for that there is stdx.
It is more about discover-ability of crates and to answer questions like - What are all the Rust libraries to parse command line arguments?

Also, I do have a (dumb) algorithm in place which should let good popular projects float on top.