Intercept traffic in BURP using reqwest Rust

I'm trying to learn rust and getting started building a system using Reqwest libary, but I would to analyse how the request is being created using BURP, so I created this code:

async fn main() -> Result<(), reqwest::Error> {

    let client = reqwest::Client::builder().proxy(reqwest::Proxy::http("")?).build()?;

    let resp = client.get("").send().await;


At first, the request is sent and printable the output but I can't intercept the traffic, Is it anything missing it?


Some things should have been added, such as BURP certificate, like this:

    let mut buf = Vec::new();
    let file = File::open("PATH/TO/cacert.der")?
                .read_to_end(&mut buf).unwrap();

    let cert = reqwest::Certificate::from_der(&buf).unwrap();

    let client = reqwest::Client::builder()

I hope this helps anyone who needs it

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