Install Problem

Hi! I downloaded the latest rustup-init.exe (for Windows) and when I run it it eventually errors out with the following error:

error: could not rename component file from  'C:\Users\soda.ant\.rustup\tmp\q6ys8j90frxdkpd4_dir\rust-docs\share/doc/rust/html' to 'C:\Users\soda.ant\.rustup\toolchains\stable-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc\share/doc/rust/html'
info: caused by: permission denied

I've tried running rustup-init.exe both as administrator and as a regular user and it fails the same way both times. I searched this forum for similar issues and only found one that was relevant and it doesn't seem to apply in my case (I'm not running VSCode).

Anyone have a fix?

This issue looks related:

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