Index out of bounds? Not always! - A Rusty Surprise

Hi, recently I encountered a bit a odd behaviour, when indexing arrays with a static index.
I've described my journey in this blog post: Index out of bounds? Not always! - A Rusty Surprise | Serhii Potapov (greyblake)

I am also looking forward to what compiler experts think about it :slight_smile:

Thank you!

This is not an error, it's a warning ("lint" in Rust lingo). It's set to "deny" by default, so it turns into a compile error. But since it's just a warning, it's done on a best effort basis and doesn't catch every scenario of unconditional panic.

But I'm not quite sure why the warning doesn't trigger in the other scenarios.


In general, the problem of if a program will/will not panic is undecidable in a Turing complete language (equivalent to the classic and famous Halting problem).

Could the compiler possibly do better in specific cases like this? Maybe.

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