Implementing a trait for all Sync types


I’m trying to implement a trait for all types that are Sync in a generic manner. The same trait would also be implemented for some specific non-Sync types.

The compiler is however fighting me on this, claiming that the non-Sync implementation is conflicting with the first one. See for instance:


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There is nothing preventing the standard library from adding unsafe impl<T> Sync for Rc<T> in the future (other than that being unsound, but the compiler doesn’t know this), if it did then there would be multiple applicable implementations of A for B.



Sure, but that isn’t the case today, so I’m not sure why the compiler effectively pretend that B is Sync. My reasoning on this is that B is not Sync, and therefore the trait A shouldn’t be implemented for it, due to the generic implementation requiring a Sync type. Thus, the specialized implementation of A for B shouldn’t be conflicting with anything.



Yes, I could do that, but the point here is to have a “default” implementation of a trait for all Sync types, and I would then have a specific implementation of that trait for types that aren’t Sync.



The compiler has to treat these potential future conflicts as errors. Otherwise, the standard library could never add a new impl to an existing type, because any new impl could break existing crates.



When specialization is stabilized, you’ll be able to write both of these impls without an error.

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Right! sorry now I get your question.

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