Implement trait for tch::Tensor

I am building a framework to analyze generic flows in networks and I have the following (simplified) example:

use std::ops::Index;
use tch::Tensor;

pub trait Flows<F, Idx>: Index<Idx, Output = F> + Iterator<Item = F> {}

impl Flows<Tensor, Tensor> for Tensor {
    // TODO

fn main() {
    let t: Box<dyn Flows<Tensor, Tensor>> =
        Box::new(Tensor::of_slice(&[3, 1, 4, 1, 5]));

Sometimes, flows will be represented using tch::Tensors, which appear to implement some of the following traits already: - source. However, I can't seem to write the adapters correctly to dispatch standard rust calls to the underlying Tensor ones. Does anyone have any guidance? Thank you so much!