If else shorthand

Does Rust have a similar shorthand as javascript.

let value = condition1 == true ? 0 : 1;

Is there something similar to this?

let value = if condition { 0 } else { 1 };
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Thanks, still a bit more verbose than I was hoping for but works, so ty :slight_smile:

In the special case where you only want 0 or 1, you can cast a bool value as an integer.

let value = !condition as i32;

I wouldn't actually use it in real code, but I thought this was a cute place to use extension traits:

let value = (2 + 2 == 4).if_true(42).otherwise(0);

(full implementation)

If you're going that path, using Option as an intermediary would seem reasonable.

let value = (2 + 2 == 4).then(|| 42).unwrap_or(0);

Personally I'd just use the standard if/else, but there are obviously options.

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