Https:// down?

Can't access for now, is it down for everyone?

Down here too. You can use too.

Down here too. DNS resolving returns NXDomain.

> dog -n -H
Status: NXDomain
SOA rs. 1h00m00s A "" "" 2023021127 1h00m00s 15m00s 28d0h00m00s 1h00m00s

You can use for now. I've made it not redirect to

I need to change the DNS servers, and the .rs registrars is taking a while to update them (they warn it may take 24 hours, and it looks like it will).



The Apache 401 Gone has got to be the most sinister error page of the lot.

Currently, "The page isn’t redirecting properly". Is this expected in that conditions, or something independent?.. gives a 401 error now.

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