I am searching for Rust <-> Python interop crates on

The top result is:

Can someone please explain how this crate works? is probably the best bet. will show the exact name first. in this case a placeholder crate.

Then you have to check them yourself.


Thanks, is there anyway to do something about the python crate? It seems to just be parking / wasting a useful name.

That would be the name-squatting discussion all over again. Probably not unless the owner gives it up.


I can second that. It requires nightly, which can be a blocker for some, but it's a very nice to use and well developed library that worked great for me while I was writing a Blender plugin in Rust, which required me to both call Rust from Python and call Python from Rust.

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I believe pyo3 doesn't require nightly anymore :slight_smile:

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What!! I didn't know that. I love it even more now.


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