How to use protobuf?

I was trying to use this protobuf crate to generate rust files using this


I tried including generated rs code via this:

pub mod proto {
   include!(concat!(env!("OUT_DIR"), "/generated_with_native/"));

The problem is that I have got a lot of issues like this:

error: an inner attribute is not permitted in this context
 --> /home/dimanne/devel/scripts/observability/target/debug/build/input-20af024046742d76/out/generated_with_native/
6 | #![allow(unknown_lints)]
  | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  = note: inner attributes, like `#![no_std]`, annotate the item enclosing them, and are usually found at the beginning of source files
  = note: outer attributes, like `#[test]`, annotate the item following them

I think the crux of the issue is that codegen inserted a bunch of attributes, and then I included them in a another file, and rust is not happy that internal attributes are pulled via include in another file.

What is the correct way to use protobuf in rust?

I only use started playing with protobufs. My looks like this:

fn main() {


I include the generated code like so:

include!(concat!(env!("OUT_DIR"), "/protos/"));

Hmm...looks like yours.

I don't get any #! in the generated code. Everything works fine.


Interesting... can you please share first 20-30 lines of your generated .rs file?

Never mind, I had to include (not /
Now everything works.

Oops, sorry. I did not notice that difference in our snippets.

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