How to use openssl as a crate in rust on windows

i tried everything if you can find any working solutions it would help me a lot

i tried using mingw with msys2 tried installing openssl with vcpkg but its not recognizing vcpkg anyhow tried using the prebuilt binaries no success there either i am desperate will try anything you guys come up with

Have you tried the MSVC target? Both mingw and msys2 setup GNU environment on its own runtime. Vcpkg on windows installs windows library, not GNU compatible library.

how do i use msvc target i cannot found any working solutions anywhere

How did you install those toolchain? On windows the rustup installs the MSVC target by default.

i did try mingw and msys2 but i also tried the default build with vcpkg its not working if you have any clue or anything i can do to use openssl on windows it would be great, i would love if you could provide some steps i could follow or if you need any info i can do that too.

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