How to share AtomicPtr<T> between threads?

I tried AtomicPtr<T> and Arc<AtomicPtr<T>>, but all failed.

error: the trait core::marker::Send is not implemented for the type *mut usize [E0277].

How can i share it between threads?

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There really is no good way for the compiler to know that its okay to Send a *mut ptr. I'll assume that you are taking the appropriate steps to ensure that access to the ptr and what it points to is properly checked. In that case, I might recommend doing an

unsafe impl Send for Foo {}  // where Foo is your struct which contains the AtomicPtr. 

This seems like a bug to me since obviously if you put a pointer into AtomicPtr its to share it.

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Looking at the source, it seems quite intentional. Maybe it is a remnant from when only 'static was Send-able?