How to remove leading zero in float number

I am looking for removing first zero in this confidence variable

use std::{io, process};
extern crate whatlang; 
use whatlang::detect; 

fn main() {
  println!("Type quit anytime you want to quit the program");
  loop {
      println!("Type something >>");
      let mut text: String = String::new();
          .read_line(&mut text)
          .expect("Failed to read the line");
      let text = text.trim();
      if text == "quit" {
      let info = detect(text).expect("Failed to detect language"); 
      let confidence = (info.confidence() * 100.0).round() / 100.0; 
      println!("Language: {}", info.lang());
      println!("Script: {}", info.script());
      println!("Confidence: {}%", confidence);
      let confidence = (info.confidence() * 100.0).round() / 100.0; 

confidence is documented as returning a value between 0 and 1, so if you want the percentage, you want to just multiply by 100.0. You can use formatting to only print so many digits after the decimal point:

    let x = 100.0 * 0.00287;
    println!("{}", x);    // 0.287
    println!("{:.0}", x); // 0
    println!("{:.1}", x); // 0.3
    println!("{:.2}", x); // 0.29
    println!("{:.3}", x); // 0.287
    println!("{:.4}", x); // 0.2870

However, there's no format to exclude 0 before the decimal point (or to exclude the decimal point). You could use an integer instead.

    let confidence = (info.confidence() * 100.0).round() as i8; 
    println!("Confidence: {}%", confidence);

Or you could trim the output of format!.

    let confidence = format!("{:0.2}", info.confidence());
    println!("Confidence: {}", confidence.trim_start_matches('0'));

If you know a printf-style formatting that suits your needs you can also use the gpoint crate for your output.

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