How to pass feature value to nested rust lib crate

I got a rust project has the folder structure below:

     |-- Cargo.toml
     |-- opencv-utils
               |-- Cargo.toml

Both parent crate and nested lib crate got the enable-debug feature which I use to print out some debug info like below:

#[cfg(feature = "enable-debug")]
   // ....

So, I run the project like this:

    cargo watch --clear --exec 'run --features "enable-debug"'

But "enable-debug" feature doesn't apply to opencv-utils, any easy way to solve this?

In Cargo.toml for adas-demo, change line 16 to enable-debug = ["opencv-utils/enable-debug"]. I think that usage should be self-explanatory, but say so if not!

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@jhpratt Thanks for that, it works perfectly :blush:

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