How to initialize array in rust


First of all, Rust language is promising and it’s cool. I’m new to rust andI like to know how to initialize array in rust.

Currently I’m using Rust 1.3.0.

Well I tried to initialize the array using

let a = [0i, …20];

This is not working…


That hasn’t been valid syntax in a long time. As for how to do it now, arrays are covered in the book.


Cool. Thanks for your help !!


you can use

let a = [0; 30]

this will initialize 0 to first 30 elements.


Cool. Do you know, What’s the best way to initialize large array ?

For Example : I want an array of 100000 elements. But if we use [0; 100000] it will definitely give me stack overflow error because fixed arrays are allocated in stack as far as I know in rust.

So what’s the best way to create an array of 100000 in rust ?


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