How to get function name?

fn learn_rust(){
        println!("I am learning rust...");
fn get_function_name(f: fn()){
fn main(){

How to get function name of parameter f inside function get_function_name in runtime?

Function pointers have no knowledge of their name, the names of functions only exist in the source code. Once the code is compiled that data is lost.

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It might be possible with something like backtrace::resolve, but I couldn't get that to work with the function pointer in your example.

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That's too bad! So how to get function name of f duration compilation?

I'll try the crate, thanks!

Well, if you know what function you're calling, then you already know the name :slight_smile:
You could either put it in a const:

const LEARN_RUST: &str = "learn_rust";

Or use stringify!

let name = stringify!(learn_rust);
assert_eq!(name, "learn_rust");

Is there any way to parse function name from parameter f? Is it also impossible?

A fn() is just a pointer to some machine code and has no extra information like the function name or signature. It's literally just a pointer to some machine code.

However, each function item has its own unique type, so if you make your code generic over some F: Fn(), you can use std::any::type_name() to get the name of its type.

fn learn_rust() {
    println!("I am learning rust...");

fn get_function_name<F>(_: F) -> &'static str
    F: Fn(),

fn main() {
    println!("{}", get_function_name(learn_rust));




That said, this sounds like an X-Y question... Once you have a function's name, what will you do with it?


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