How to find rust nightly release date


rust toolchain file requires a release date , Toolchains - The rustup book e.g. <channel>[-<date>][-<host>]
Stable rust release date can be found here rust/ at master · rust-lang/rust · GitHub, But I can't find release date of nightly.
Is there possible to get release date from rustc cli?

With the --version flag :

$ rustc --version
rustc 1.54.0 (a178d0322 2021-07-26)

@erelde hi, Thanks for your reply, But I meant all available nightly release dates, rustc --veriosn just
print current installed version :rofl:

Nightly is, by definition, released every day.

Some components might fail to build, however, so there won't be a full installation for particular date. For recent dates, this can be checked via this page.


There's also an idiosyncracy that the nightly channel date is one day later that the date that rustc itself will report. The nightly distribution runs at (or soon after) 00:00 UTC and captures the most recent nightly CI build, which will be from the previous day.

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