How to deal with warning about rust-analyzer

When I ran rustup update, I got a warning like this:

**warning:** tool `rust-analyzer` is already installed, remove it from `/Users/<myname>/.cargo/bin`, then run `rustup update` to have rustup manage this tool.

Probably a dumb question, but what exactly should I do? Should I just go to the /Users/<myname>/.cargo/bin and do: rm rust-analyzer ?

This is on macOS 12.7 with Rust 1.76.0

That is what rustup is suggesting you do, and that will be sufficient for its purposes. Of course, another question is how the file that's there now got there — usually, only cargo install and rustup write to ~/.cargo/bin.

Good question. I only installed rust-analyzer within VS Code (via extensions) v0.3.1860. Now I just uninstalled it within VS Code but the one under ~/.cargo/bin still there.

I'm gonna rm it. Just wondering, is rust-analyzer just a single file? no other things as part of the install, right?

Btw, how does rustup manage rust-analyzer? Does it mean we should not / need not install it within VS code via extensions?

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