How should I implement await for struct

This is the error log:

`Summer` is not a future
the trait `Future` is not implemented for `Summer`
Summer must be a future or must implement `IntoFuture` to be awaited
required because of the requirements on the impl of `IntoFuture` for `Summer`rustcE0277, 11): remove the `.await`
pub struct Summer {
    listener: TcpListener,

impl IntoFuture for AddrIncoming {
    type Output;

    type Future;

    fn into_future(self) -> Self::Future {

I implemented IntoFuture for struct according to the error log, but I don't know what to do next

I am making a web demo, I have seen hyper and actix-web, and they are very useful

Don't implement IntoFuture, implement Future. IntoFuture is an unstable trait that may get removed.

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yep, I see this issue

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