How do you pronounce the :: symbol?

I’ve just started reading TheBook - this isn’t my first language but none of the ones I know use :: so I’ve never had to read it out loud before. I found the thread on pronunciation but it didn’t mention this one. How do you pronounce :: ? For example, for std::cmp::Ordering, would you say, “standard colon colon comp colon colon ordering”?

I just don't pronounce the colons. And I also say the whole words for known abbreviations. I.e. I say it "standard compare ordering".

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In my mind, I pronounce :: as "dot-dot". Which is wrong, and probably wouldn't work if I talked with someone else. But works when I just talk to myself.

"standard comp ordering"

It's just a space for me. I'd only pronounce the :: if I'm telling someone how to type it.


:: has its own name.

:: PathSep Path separator

src: Tokens - The Rust Reference

But I would agree with other replies that you shouldn't say :: directly just as you normally won't say a: u8 = 1 through a colon u8 equals one, you might say asign 1 to variable a as u8 instead.


"standard guts comp guts ordering"

dubbele dubbel punt (double double point)

In my mind I speak dutch. And I am the only one I speak about Rust.


In Finnish: "kaksi kaksoispistettä".


Actually these things just run through my mind as "std cmp ordering". With no regard for colons, my mind knows what it means and I bet ChatGPT would figure it out as well. Typically it's better not to actually verbalise such things for fear of scaring off all the Python heads in the office.


Paamayim Nekudotayim


I would pronounce it "stood comp ordering."


Like a street address, :: as comma-like pauses.
esteedee, keempi, ordering.

Even though :: is a path separator as @vague mentioned, I tend to read this literally as:

s, t, d, colon, colon, c, m, p, colon, colon, Ordering. Sometimes I interchange between spelling modules and using their full-fledged name (i.e. standard in the case of std), depending on which one is shorter / easier to say.

Same thing for unix paths, I say literally:

slash, source, slash, utils for /src/utils.


Usually, I would not say it at all - as other said. If I were talking to a colleague, I'd say "use standard comp ordering" or "use S-T-D C-M-P Ordering"

But if I needed to say it to explain what to type, I'd call it a "double colon"

...and Paamayim Nekudotayim is still how I think of it, from early days of PHP in the 90s/early 00s. (Which in my head I pronounce as pam-YIM nii-KU-doty-im, which I doubt is correct)

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Wikipedia has somewhat more detail about this name:

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