How can I revert to older version of Rust

Hi As of now I am using Rust 1.29.00 but I am facing some compilation issues and it seems this problem can be resolve with.

Now how i can install older version of RUST.

Just as simple as

rustup default 1.26.0

or if you just want to download it, instead of using it as a default

rustup install 1.26.0

Since hellow has already answered your question - I’d be interested to hear what your compilation issues are, as Rust generally doesn’t make breaking changes from version to version (hence why they’re introducing the concept of editions). In the majority of cases, something that compiled on 1.28 should also compile with 1.29!

Not sure what @Sandeep1116 is seeing, but I mentioned one (compilation) breaking change here. It’s a trivial fix, but nevertheless …

I was trying to Build POA Bride codebase ( base of Rust . But it was failing with Rust 1.29.00
Now Once i moved back to older version (1.26.00) it is compiled properly.


It worked !


If you prefer to override the Rust version for just one particular project, you can override the version by creating a rust-toolchain file in the same directory as Cargo.toml:

$ echo "1.26.0" > rust-toolchain

I prefer this method for projects that I’m sharing with other people.


For the record, it was caused by using an older version of a library that didn’t yet use the fully qualified path to the now stabilized flatten method: