How can i build new version of rust on my mobile?

I am using mobile to learn and making project on rust with the help of termux. But for android version v6 and below termux team stopped providing new update for app as well as for packages so for now iam using rust v1.38.8 and i tried to install new version but it fails. Below is the error message

error: target 'armv7-linux-androideabi' not found in channel.  Perhaps check for available targets

As far as i know this error means there are no any precompiled binary for my system.

Things I don't want hear any more:

  1. Why don't you use pc?
    ans: neither i have a pc nor money to buy it.

  2. New phone?
    ans: I don't have a money to buy it.

Things i want to know:
is there any possible way to use/build new version of rust on my mobile without the help of termux team?
If it's not possible just reply no and full stop. If yes how?

There is no official support for android with host tools, and I don't suspect anyone is particularly interested in adding them. Android is not a good platform to do any serious work on, beyond writing words.

Termux is still receiving updates when installed from the F-Droid app store.
Using the its-pointless repo I was able to install and use Rust 1.53 to build a simple project.

Which android version you are using?

I'm currently using Rust 1.53.0 with Termux as well, I just used pkg install rust and it installed both rustc and Cargo.

Although for compiling projects I needed to go my home directory because of problems with permissions, so a little termux-setup-storage && cd ~ && <do the stuff here> did the trick :wink:

Yep for a android version greater than 6 they (termux team) are continue pushing new updates for both app and packages however for v6 and below no more new updates for both app and packages. That's the problem here because I am using v6 where i stuck on old version and I can't update to new version because of that.

Oh I didn't know that. In that case I'm not sure if they're an easy way, plus compiling Rust on a (relatively) old device would take forever in all cases and require quite a bit of RAM which your phone may not have, so it may not be doable :confused:

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