Help wanted: maintaining rust-url

rust-url is fairly popular, but the set of its maintainers is pretty much me. Unfortunately I haven’t given it all the time it needs lately. The project is not in a bad shape overall, but there is a growing number of pull requests that need attention, especially with the recent libs blitz.

If you care about rust-url and are able and willing to spend time on it, please help triaging issues and reviewing pull requests. Ideally I’d love to be able to pass day-to-day maintenance of the project to a new set of co-maintainers, but any form or amount of help is appreciated.



This is a really important crate for Rust, so good luck finding a more maintainers @SimonSapin. I’ll at least help with reviews for a bit.

rust-lang also has important 1-maintainer crates that receive patches and issues. It would be nice to have a better system to shoulder these maintenance duties together.


I’d be interested in helping out with this! What would be the best way to get started?

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Thanks! Start from, pick one, try Reviewable if you’d like (there a purple button on the first message of every PR) or use GitHub if you prefer, review a diff, add comments if you find bugs, other issues, or have questions; add a “looks good to me” comment if you don’t.

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Will do! Thanks for the info

Is there a list of these? I may not be able to actually commit to maintaining a crate, but perhaps this info would be good to post somewhere and I definitely want to help where I can. I didn’t see anything specific in the “Libz Blitz” post, which is why I ask.


@SimonSapin, I’m fairly new to Rust and righ now working on Unicode and i18n modules mainly, but can also help with bug-fixes in rust-url and development of the idna sub-crate.


As mentioned, I could help with patch review (and merging).

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No, there is not a list, but most of rust-lang-nursery gets relatively few eyes. For example, rustup went 4 months without a release this year. I want to get it back on a roadmap that people can contribute to and help maintain. This is not the thread for that discussion though. Sorry for hijacking it to talk about non-url crates.

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I’m willing to help out as well.

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I’m intrigued by your Unicode and i18n work. Where could I learn more?

This is a very interesting crate. I am busy right now but just looked at a PR and helping out here looks like fun.

Once my todo list clears a bit I will check if there has been good involvement. If not, this is tempting.

Thanks for the heads up Simon, this “help wanted” requests are great.

At the moment, I’m improving implementations of various unicode algorithms. I have started with the bidi package:

What I want to do is to improve the conformance of these algorithms, as well as the performance and maintainability, as they need regular updates. Also, a top goal is to assure crate users that they can rely on the unicode version of the crates match.

If you are interested, @cbreeden, I will ping you when I have more updates on those.

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