Prerelease testing for whoami crate 1.5.0 and call for contributions / maintainers

Hello, I am the (currently sole) maintainer of the whoami crate, a project I started the summer before I started college for fun. It has become quite popular, with ~18 million downloads. It's the only crate so far that I've made and been bold enough to mark as 1.0, and it has stayed quite stable over the past three years. With the 2024 edition coming up, I think it makes less sense to be stuck on the 2018 edition back to an MSRV of Rust 1.40, so I've been working on internal and external improvements preparing the crate for a 2.0 release. That said, I currently plan to maintain whoami 1.x at the same time as whoami 2.x for as long as I can, receiving any bug fixes, etc., perhaps for the next 3 years. I think the idea of 3 year cycle for major version bumps corresponding to the Rust editions will work for this crate, so the plan is to keep that cycle going forward.

Anyway, since I've changed quite a bit of code around internally in preparation for 2.0, I'm trying pre-releases for this new version. You can track them here: 1.5.0 Pre-release testing · Issue #87 · ardaku/whoami · GitHub. If anyone wants to help test and review changes as more pre-releases come out, that would be appreciated.

Going forward, I would like more people to be involved in the development and maintenance of the whoami crate. I feel like it's at a place where this shift away from a "personal project" to a project maintained by a small team would be beneficial to the Rust community. I feel like I've done a pretty good job maintaining the crate so far, but it would be easier with some help. The issue for requesting new maintainers is here: Call For Additional Maintainers · Issue #88 · ardaku/whoami · GitHub

Also, if you'd like to help contribute to development of 1.5.0, a future 1.x release or 2.x, there are some good-first-issues in the issue tracker: Issues · ardaku/whoami · GitHub, which I am willing to help mentor for if needed. This is a hobby project for me, but I'm looking to be better at maintaining my crates (both in interacting with the community around them and avoiding burnout), so constructive feedback is appreciated.

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