Helix - copy to clipboard

Helix 23.03 on a Macbook M1

copy to clipboard (⌘c) seems not to be implemented?
Paste (⌘v) is implemented...

That menu item is provided by Terminal, not Helix. The selection you made is only known to Helix, not Terminal. As such Terminal likely disabled the option because there was no active selection as far as the Terminal app is concerned. AFAIK there is no protocol for a program running in a terminal to pass the selection to the terminal emulator. I know KDE's Konsole terminal emulator allows selecting text in the editor by pressing control while selecting text with the mouse even if the terminal is in raw mode with mouse input directly passed to the program running in the terminal. No clue about macOS's Terminal app though. Another option is to pass the selection to the pbcopy command of macOS if helix allows passing the selection to arbitrary programs.

Anyone on macOS who can use copy in hx - either via menu or ⌘c? Because neither works for me in hx.

For other programs this is not an issue - e.g. copy from top - or same thing in vim works both ways.

It looks like your vim is not configured to respond to mouse input. As such trying to select code using the mouse will change the selection Terminal knows about, but the selection vim knows about doesn't change in any way. If you click anywhere the vim cursor doesn't move. Helix on the other hand enables mouse handling by default. It looks like you can disable it using

mouse = false

in the configuration file.

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Good observation - this vim indeed didn't have mouse mode on - and enabling it disables ⌘c.

Works the same way in hx...

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