Heard about Rust via the MaidSAFE people - can someone tell if my project is a good use case?



I heard about Rust via glowing reports from the MaidSAFE people. I will eventually move an app I am developing into the SAFE environment for data storage but it occurred to me that part of the future design for the app I am thinking of might be well handled by Rust itself.

My “Neural Archive Me!” Avatar Project is designed to eventually create a virtual person from information provided by the original biological person. Have a look at the diagram at the end of this doc:


It seems to me that Rust might be ideal for the Executive Function Supervisor (ExFuS) component - what do people think? Is Rust worth looking at more closely for this function?



If you compare Rust and Go, and name Go “not mature enough”, then Rust is even less mature than Go.



OK, that is a useful perspective but the Q is: is Rust appropriate tech for what I am considering?




Would you normally have written it in C or C++ but want a more pleasant and modern language? Would you normally have written it in Python or Ruby, but need certain parts to be blindingly fast, where you’d write C with an FFI?

But from your task descriptor, you don’t want a programming language choice, you want pub/sub on a queue…

Population Genetics - an exercise converting a C++ program to Rust


I think that is about right - is Rust not a good candidate for that task? From what I have heard so far it seems like it should be . .